Think Dragon Age

Hello! I'm Cheryl, and I've been a huge fan of Dragon Age since the first game came out.

I'm way too old for tumblr, probably, but I'm not letting that stop me. I live in Chicago with my husband and my daughter and my dog.

This blog is mainly for reblogging DA stuff (you will see a lot of Alistair, Morrigan, Fenris and Isabela here, fyi) and for posting my DA fanfiction or talking about writing fanfiction.

I have a main blog where I post everything else. It's here.


Alrighty, here’s a beautiful portrait of my brainy, uptight, dutiful daughter, Elissa Cousland, from my fanfiction Poison and Wine. I wanted to make sure her no-nonsense, serious attitude came through, and Charlotte did a wonderful job! Thanks so much for the commission. I absolutely adore it. I love Charlotte’s art style and she’s lovely to work with, and comes highly recommended. Thanks again!

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